Facts about SCANBUR

Animal Facility Planning
SCANBUR's concept is not only to supply single products, but an individually tailored system of compatible products, which have given us the opportunity to equip a large number of the most up to date animal facilities in the world.

As a result of this we now have a highly skilled team of employees who can be of assistance during the planning and design phase, whether it concerns a single room or an entire wash area in your new or existing facility. We perform site surveys, lay-outing and project management to help you optimize your investment.

After successful commissioning we offer hands-on training sessions for your personnel and are of course available should you need any following support.
SCANBUR can be dated back to 1968 when it became a sister company to Danish ”Avlslaboratoriet”, a commercial breeding company created by the parents of former CEO Henrik Møllegaard.

In 1973 SCANBUR became sole distributor of Tecniplast in the Nordic countries, which made our company a successful supplier of Equipment to the Nordic Research industry up through the 70´ties. The position was cemented when the Danish Panum Institute appointed Scanbur as their main supplier as they were to build the most modern animal facility known at that time in the Nordic countries.

Up through the 80'ties and 90'ties, SCANBUR became better at inventing and producing top modern equipment to animal facilities. Among other products came the Scantainer as well as the EC2 Rabbit Cages (Easy Connectable, Easy Too), on the market. Especially the EC2 cages hit immediately and are still dominant products.

In the years from 2000, the company went through significant changes: A generational change took place when Henrik Møllegaard purchased the company from his mother and merged it with the Scandinavian part of B&K Universal, - owned by Nils Henrik Kirkeby. The partnership resulted among other products in the development of the well-known LAF cabin, AirShower and ScanClime.

The products were completely unknown at that time, but hit a hole in the market as a general awareness towards the risk of spreading allergens and pathogens had arisen. SCANBUR even succeeded in producing the equipment at such a low price, that whenever necessary they could enter in a direct price competition.

In 2005 Henrik Møllegaard bought Nils Henrik Kirkeby out, and was untill 2013 the sole owner and CEO of the business. The majority of SCANBUR was sold in 2013 to a Danish investment company by the name of "ErhvervsInvest".

In 2010 SCANBUR was appointed sole distributor of Charles River animals in Norway, Sweden and Finland. A distribution right which was expanded to include Denmark in 2013.

Today the CEO of the company is Mr. Morten Rytter Sunesen.

SCANBUR - a full-solution supplier to the animal research industry.
It is our mission successfully and professionally to market and service products for use at in vivo research in the Nordic countries & Central Europe and through this activity help to prevent and cure diseases.
We are the preferred partner of the customers because we market the best products on the market, we understand the needs of our clients and provide a professional service both before, during and after sale.

Our employees find joy and satisfaction in their daily work, because we prioritise a continuous competence development, in order to counsel and service our customers professionally. We wish to attract stable staff-members who put the customer first.

We enjoy a long and close working relationship with our trading partners which is characterised by an open and mutual respect. We wish trading partners who put our customers first and who can put us at the forefront of the development of ethics and working environment.

We wish the surrounding community to look upon us as a business that delivers sustainable solutions to medical research

Welcome to SCANBUR

We produce and market high quality equipment solutions to research facilities and always strive towards continuous improvement of existing product lines as well as development of new solutions to the challenges found in the research business.

A part from hardware equipment to the industry, a large part of our business also consist of consumables; bedding & nesting materials, enrichments, detergents as well as research animal models & services. Our own logistic channels secure a quick and smooth transport of research animal models, and educated sales representatives and customer service staff ensure that your specific requirements are met.

We have a close cooperation with some of the worlds leading animal research industry suppliers of quality equipment and consumables. It is vital for us that we can vouch for the products we market, and this is why the key words of our trading partners are: Uncompromising quality, innovation and product leadership.

SCANBUR also consists of an educational department which offers educational courses to e.g. Animal Technicians, Researchers, Veterinarians, Facility Managers and others involved in laboratory animal sciences.