Available in DK, SE, NO & FI



ESP accessory

ESP crate

ESP crate

Crate for 18 bottles

Bottle Crates

Made of AISI 304 electro-polished stainless steel quality wirework, with a capacity of either 24 or 10 bottles, this traditional IWT bottle crate design features a horizontal slide-in lid, for safe bottle overturn, and low friction plastic feet for smooth sliding along fillers and washers.

Sipper Tube Crate

Purpose designed to support sipper tubes caps in an upright position, complete with horizontal slide-in lid to prevent tilting during wash/handling. Ideal for individual wash through the orifice of sipper tubes (64 per load).

Universal Crate

Wire mesh baskets complete with hinged top to randomly accommodate any small size accessory or ancillary used in a facility, such as hoppers, dividers, lids, label holders, reusable enrichment and so on. Available in two different sizes with 260mm height, and with a 150 mm height.