Washing systems and detergents

There is a wide range of different washing systems available, and in this chapter you will find the different solutions divided up into washing solutions for:


Here you will find three different types. However, please note that the 400 series can wash both bottles as well as cages.


Here you will find both a tunnel washer as well as the well known and tested GP technology from Tecniplast.


Our rack washers are able to wash both cages and bottles as well as racks.


The GP series tunnel washer gives remarkably higher throughput and effective waste separation and compacting.


Washing of cages for aquatic use means taking different types of dirt into consideration, than the dirt you find on rodent cages. Our solution has specifically been developed for washing aquatic cages.

Detergents from Dr. Weigert

Detergents are not only detergents. It is of out most importance that the detergent can removed the special dirt from rodents, without harming the plastic material of the cages.