Aquatic Washers

650A Aquatic Cage washer

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI

A turn-key system to get rid of algae and biofilm

Achieving total success in soil removal involves a combination of several drivers: Water pressure, water coverage, water temperature, chemicals, process monitoring and control, process validation. Two start-up high performance cycles have been developed and patented: ATW OxyPlusTM and ATW OxyThermoTM. They cope with the most typical situations we have encountered in the Zebrafish aquatic wash field, across several countries.

A patented combination with different chemical products, together with the right concentrations and temperatures, leads to total biofilm removal.

650A Aquatic washer
650A Aquatic washer
650A Aquatic washer
Detergent neodisher TP OXY

Effective microbiological disinfection to reduce bacteria growth

The sanitization performances of the 650A expand the transparency of the surfaces, thus slowing biofilm growth. The longer the transparency, the longer the tank use with the double advantage of reducing the washing needs and ensuring superior welfare for Zebrafish and Xenoplus.

Proven wash and rinse performances

Hence the proven wash performances in terms of both mechanical soil removal and subsequent residue removal when specific chemical aids are added to the process. The total coverage provided by the spray pattern and the  presentation trays cuts out any blind spots where algae and biofilm may endure even when subjected  to manual scrubbing.

Up to 44 aquatic tanks per cycle

The generous wash chamber dimensions allows that some 250 Zebrafish tanks and even more can be processed during one hour running.


Detergent; neodisher TP OXY

  • Additional component based on active oxygen
  • Reliably removes stubborn residues such as algae, food residues and water ingredients in combination with neodisher TP alka
  • Suitable for tanks made of polycarbonate and polysulfone
  • Recommended for use in Tecniplast Cage Washer 650A