Tunnelwasher GP

Available in DK, SE, NO & FI

The Green Power concept

The GP series tunnel washer gives remarkably higher throughput and effective waste separation and compacting, whilst reducing energy and water consumption. Powerful wash performance is now compatible with the environment!

Tunnelwash GP
Tunnelwash close-up
Tunnelwash with cages
Tunnelwahs control panel

Lowest energy consumption in the industry

Despite the very powerful action and the massive water flow, the cascade concept, combined with waste separation, make for a significant reduction in water usage (minimum 25% saving) and energy consumption (minimum 40% saving) compared to the most popular cage tunnel washers in the field.

99,99 % drying result with no rinse aid

The most basic configuration features a blowing module complete with a vacuum pump delivering from a close distance a small quantity of high-speed air over the load which contributes to blasting away most of the water drops. This module is followed optionally by a drying module using “oven” type technology, which heats up the load and removes moisture and humidity.

The combination of water drop blasting and load heating guarantees an outstanding drying result, documented by visual control or quantified in terms of water removal, all with no need whatsoever of any rinse-aid!