Bedding Handling Compact Solutions


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Mechanical solution for material handling: SCREW CONVEYOR

  • Mechanical system featuring a stainless steel screw conveyor for waste disposal in small size animal facilities to enhance operator safety and ergonomics
  • Dumping station featuring conveyor belt and shredder (macerator) technologies for bedding and enrichments pre-treatment
  • Custom design (angle and inclination) of the auger to easily adapt to any layout and feed the most common bins and dumpsters
  • Laminar flow hoods, suction rings and HEPA filters to guarantee total operator allergen protection

Stand alone bedding dispensing system: BDS+

  • Bedding dispenser featuring vacuum technology with single-phase power supply for small size vivarium
  • Over 50% faster than traditional mechanical systems and no material grinding, over 300 mice cages per hour can be ergonomically processed 
  • Suitable for both free flowing (e.g. corn cob, aspen or wood chip) and light bedding (e.g. cellulose or paper)
  • Unique and innovative remote loading feature (up to 5m – 16ft) for outstanding operational efficiency with a buffer capability up to 2500 mice cages per load
  • A backdraft hood ensures operator protection from dust exposure thanks to an airflow (1400m3/h – 820 CFM) drawn through a double level of filters (G4+F7)