Air Handling with Humidity Control


A stable relative air humidity has a significant effect on breeding, animal welfare and the validity of your research, minimum 55% should be your target.


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The European convention for the protection of vertebrate animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes, ETS 123 specifies a relative humidity of 55% ±10 inside cages for rodents.

Especially during the winter, it can be a real challenge to meet these guidelines and it might affect the health of the animals, the breeding performance and the reproducibility of your research. Mice without fur and pups in particular should be protected from fluctuations in the relative humidity.

ScanClime is an air handling unit that gives you a very accurate, flexible and affordable control of the relative air humidity.

  • Relative air humidity better than ±3% at any setting between 45% and 65% for enhanced reproducibility of animal research
  • Consistent relative air humidity all year round in IVCs or Scantainers for optimum animal health
  • Full compliance with legislation/guidelines for relative air humidity for husbandry
  • Stand-alone air handling units for maximum flexibility in design and use of animal facilities
  • Substantial energy savings compared to humidification at room level
  • Reduced build or refurbishment costs
  • HEPA filtration of air after humidification/dehumidification for maximum protection against contamination
  • Available with ScanEye providing online adjustment, monitoring and full documentation of settings and data logging
  • Performance is independent of mineral content/conductivity of local water supply. Available in versions for use with RO-water or tap water
  • Humidification of air without generation of ultrasound
  • Optional holder for health monitoring of air being returned from IVCs using Interceptor from Tecniplast
  • Applied by numerous animal facilities at leading universities and pharmaceutical companies


European Patent: EP 2918926B1  |  US Patent: 10,492,461  |  Japanese Patent: JP6182682B2

WebAcademy: Improve Breeding Performance and Research Results by Controlling Cage Humidity, 1 of 2 (18-06-20)

WebAcademy: Improve Breeding Performance and Research Results by Controlling Cage Humidity, 2 of 2 (25-06-20)


ScanClime: Accurate relative humidity at rack level for your rodents

ScanClime: Akkurate relative Luftfeuchtigkeit für Ihre Nager

ScanClime: User statements from researchers, veterinarians etc.

ScanClime: Aussagen von Forschern, Tierärzten, Tierhausleitern, Tierpflegern und Technikabteilungen 

ScanClime: Where, why and the technology

ScanClime: Einführung und Aussagen

Low ambient humidity impairs barrier function and innate resistance against influenza infection – American Society for Microbiology

Why is flu more serious during the winter? – Yale University


Calculate your annual water and energy savings

Top managements and QA teams looking for obvious methods to comply with ISO 14001 will quickly realize that ScanClime air handling units provide massive savings and a fast return on investment. 

Calculate your savings for water and energy, when converting from humidification at room level to humidificaton at rack level using ScanClime air handling units.

Target is 55% relative humidity at 22°C / 72°F.


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cages litre / cage air changes / hour air changes / hour Euro / kWh Euro / m³ water

Water savings per year in m³, EURO and %

m³ of water / year m³ of water / year Euro / year %

Energy savings per year in kWh, EURO and %

kWh / year Euro / year %

Contact your local Scanbur product specialist for a more detailed calculation on your potential savings. 


  • The calculation is based on a target of 55% relative humidity at 22°C / 76 °F 
  • Using ScanClime to obtain a very accurate relative humidity at rack level might improve reproducibility of research and the value of this can be worth millions of EUROs.
  • Breeding performance of immunodefficient rodents in particular and other strains in general can be improved, when applying accurate humidification of air at rack level. Studies show that the number of pups per litter can be increased and the total litter loss and the preweaning mortality can be reduced significantly.
  • Calcultated energy savings are likely to be even higher as a loss of energy from centralised steam generators or HVAC air ducts is not included in the above.
  • Local energy costs per kWh are often significantly higher than anticipated due to transmission costs and tax on CO2 emissions.
  • Local energy costs per kWh may vary depending on if the energy is supplied as gas or electricity.
  • RO-water/mineral free water is applied for generation of steam/humidity. Depending on the efficiency of the reverse osmosis water purification system an amount of of tap water will go to the drain for every litre of RO-water being generated. In this example the ratio is 2:1.
  • The calculation is based on an average distance from the floor to the ceiling of 3.3 m.