Cage Cleaning Station Disposafe

You are probably familiar with the situation - while emptying cages you are surrounded by a cloud of dust particles and allergens. This cage cleaning station is an effective solution to this problem.



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The Disposafe cage cleaning station is a safe and effective solution.

The working area is shielded by side panels providing effective protection of the person emptying the cages and a powerfull ventilator and airflow rate efficiently blows across the waste bag, away from the operator.

The Disposafe is unique and is equipped with a negative pressure chamber ensuring that the recirculated air is always HEPA-filtered. Each Disposafe is individually tested and comes with its own certificate.

We have used proven laminar air flow bench technology in the development of the Disposafe, and this is the key to its efficiency.

The Disposafe is designed for use with all standard rodent cages.