Laminar airflow changing cabin ScanFlow

Easy & ergonomic cage changing procedure


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Full protection of operators and animals

When using a ScanFlow cage changing procedures can be done under a unidirectional HEPA filtered air flow. ScanFlow gives full protection of animals, clean cages and materials during a cage change. Simultaneously, the air flow protects the breathing zone of the operator and the surrounding environment against dust, allergens and pathogens from animals and from the stacking of dirty cages.

Designed with the operator in mind

A large working area, optional cage dispensers and a working table with adjustable height give the operator optimum working conditions and the risk of repetitive strain injuries is minimized.

Settings are easy to adjust, and the user interface is very intuitive.

Many sizes and options

ScanFlow comes in many different sizes and with multiple options for recirculation or exhaust, tables, cage dispensers, spotlights, power outlets and curtains.