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Supports the natural environment for rodents

ScanTainer is most likely the optimum choice for compliance with the European Guidelines for housing of rodents, ETS-123 Appendix A.

It allows more animals to hear and smell each other. It also provides an extra layer of protection against noise from the surroundings and it can shield of light coming from all directions. Importantly, it efficiently filters the air getting into or leaving the cabinet.

It is perfect for hairless mice or pups, as there is a minimum draught at nest level. Thus, a micro environment with the right temperature and humidity can be protected.

With ScanTainer a high reproducibility of research, optimum animal welfare, flexibility in choice of size of cages and a best in class working environment can be obtained.

Full flexibility and allergen protection

As the ScanTainers have several shelves with an adjustable clearance, it is a very flexible housing system. It can simply hold many different sizes of cages.

The ScanTainer comes in several dimensions and it is supplied with a detachable ventilation unit as standard.

Importantly, it efficiently filters the air getting into or leaving the cabinet.

If keeping an accurate relative humidity is a challenge to parts of an animal facility, then the ScanTainer also comes in a version, which can be connected to a ScanClime air handling unit. This will ensure an unrivaled accuracy in relative humidity. Almost a “plug and play” solution which can be moved from one location/satellite to another.

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In order to change and reverse day and night cycle for your animals your Scantainer can be supplied with a

Light adjustment kit

or it can be retrofitted on your existing Scantainer cabinet.


We recommend that you control the relative humidity and air changes in your Scantainer - and for that purpose we have developed the


which can be connected to your Scantainer.