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Full flexibility - a modular system for every need

ScanTainer-2 is a modular system consisting of 3 main modules

  • A cabinet which comes in a wide range of sizes suitable for various numbers of standard cages with different lengths, widths or heights
  • A ventilation unit ensuring accurate ventilation and logging of temperature and relative humidity
  • A light kit for changing the circadian rhythm (optional)

A good micro climate - essential for animal welfare

The European guidelines for accommodation and care for animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes, ETS 123 Appendix A, has formed the basis for the design of ScanTainer-2.

A ScanTainer simply supports a good micro climate:

  • Social animals can easily smell and hear each other
  • No harmful draught at nest level
  • Extra layer of protection against noise from the surroundings
  • Protection against light from five sides
  • Air is filtered for protection against contamination

A proven and trusted concept - made even better

For decades ScanTainer has been a trusted housing system at numerous facilities. ScanTainer-2 is a new generation enhancing flexibility, cleanability, adjustment of ventilation as well as logging of temperature and humidity.

Full compatibility with previous generations of ScanTainer

The ventilation unit for ScanTainer-2 is fully compatible with previous generations of the ScanTainer and can be ordered separately for an easy upgrade.

ScanTainer-2 - for a best in class working environment

A solid construction combined with efficient E11 filters and sealings prevent dust, pathogens or allergens from entering or escaping the ScanTainer, thus forming the basis for a best in class working environment.

Accurate humidity with an optional ScanClime air handling unit

At some facilities maintaining an accurate relative humidity can be a real challenge and reproducibility of research or breeding performance might be at stake. To solve this problem, a ScanClime air handling unit and a connection kit can substitute the ventilation unit. Thereby, very accurate humidification of air at an accuracy of ± 3% for any set-point between 45 to 65% relative humidity is guaranteed.