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Research Diets, Inc (RDI) is a leading manufacturer of Custom OpenSource Purified Diets for laboratory animals.

Custom OpenSource Diets®: Purified-ingredient OpenSource diet formulas are completely open and fully customizable; standard procedure for RDI. A key benefit of OpenSource diets is the complete control researchers have over the diet composition. By carefully designing the diet formulas, researchers can test the effects of small or large controlled changes in nutrient composition. 

Questions? Do not hesitate to contact us at rd@scanbur.com

Research Diets


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We offer:

  • In-stock diets
  • Custom diets
  • Diet induced obesity (DIO) diets
  • 'Add your compounds' diets
  • Control diets
  • Vitamin & mineral deficient diets

Diet Induced Disease Models: RDI has more than 35 years of collaborative research experience in the study of dietary factors on phenotype expression. RDI's expert staff of 9 nutritional scientists has formulated over 30,000 OpenSource Diets with customers for many therapeutic areas such as: Obesity, fatty liver, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, toxicology, atherosclerosis, hypertension, metabolic syndrome. The RDI “Original High Fat Diet” D12492 60 kcal% fat formula is in 3,400 publications worldwide. 

Irradiation: Almost all diets can be gamma-irradiated for use in barrier facilities. Irradiated diets are 'double-bagged' inside standard double-walled corrugated carton. Some stock diets are available irradiated (10-20 kGy) at standard prices. Other diets are irradiated per order at an additional cost depending on quantity and lead-time. Diets are sent weekly for irradiation to respond quickly to your requests. Irradiation causes minimal nutritional damage to the formulated diet and does not affect the palatability of the animal diet.

Packaging: To increase shipping and storage stability, RDI packs all in-stock diets in 2.5 kg, heat sealed nitrogen purged bags. Historically RDI diets have been packaged in large plastic bags, or double-bagged if irradiated. The diets typically comes in 2.5, 5, or 12.5 kg aliquots depending upon the order size. We do offer a variety of smaller sized bag options, which would allow for smaller amounts of diet to be stored in isolators where space is limited. It also allows for surplus diet to be stored in appropriate conditions (-20C for high-fat diets, for example) and prevents all of the diet from becoming contaminated if a seal is accidentally broken. Heat sealed and vacuum packaging are also available, though we recommend heat sealed bags over vacuum packaging, as the irradiation process can cause the vacuum seal to break. Moreover, the vacuum process can also crush soft pellets (high-fat) and allow low-fat diets with defined edges to pierce the bag during the vacuum process.