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Demo equipment from SCANBUR, Tecniplast & IWT on sale at very attractive prices - all in very good condition, almost as new!

All products are sold on a ‘first come, first served’ basis with a 1-year warranty. 

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SCANBUR products:

  • 2 x ScanClime type 56-SCLI-DC-T air handling unit for accurate humidification and de-humidification of air for IVCs for connection to tap water


  • 1 x ScanTainer type Z ventilated cabinet for housing of small rodents including light adjustment kit


  • 1 x Operating table type 41-OP with Corian surface, electrically heated, height-adjustable, incl 3 table top modules: 1 x heated, 1 x heated and down-ventilated, 1 x with built-in anaesthetic box 


  • 1 x ScanFlow type 1616 laminar airflow changing cabin, wide range of options available 


  • 1 x Airshower type ECP-900-C barrier between your animal facility and the surrounding environment


  • 1 x Flex rack type Flex-ST-JUST-6 housing & storage rack


Tecniplast products:

  • 1 x single-sided IVC rack AERO type 80-AERO60 with 60 Green Line cages (excl. lid, filtertop, water bottle, bottle cap, card holder


  • 1 x CS5 EVO GP cage changing station (product code ZB88-9CS5ETS1)


  • 1 x CS5 EVO PLUS cage changing station (product code ZB88-9CS5ET1TNAL)


  • 1 x ARIA CS60 cage changing station (product code ZB88-CS601TROM)


  • 1 x dual chute food hopper with scoop for mounting on side of cage changing station (product code ZB88-9CACS5EDFH)


IWT products:

  • 1 x dripping/stacking table (product code 9TAB1000)


  • 1 x semi-automatic recapping station for bottles (product code 9RS01)


Medres product:

  • 1 x GasDocUnit CO2 docking station, euthanasia mice