ScanEye - online control of ScanClime

ScanEye - Online Monitoring

of ScanClime Air Handling Units

Available worldwide


Give your researchers easy access to data on the environment for their rodents

It is in the DNA of all researchers that important variables potentially affecting the outcome of their studies must be under full control and documented.

For some studies especially temperature and air humidity could be critical variables. For example studies on metabolism, diabetes, sensory organs, wound healing, respiratory systems or behaviour. For oncology studies on hairless mice, simple access to information on temperature and relative humidity might also be a "must-have".

Here is some good news for you! If you are using ScanClimeScanClime air handling units for your IVCs, then researchers, facility managers and technicians can get online access to real-time information on temperature and humidity. And they can even download data for a specific position within the animal facility for any period they want.

  • Real time logging and monitoring of temperature and relative humidity
  • Settings are password protected and can be adjusted remotely from a mobile device or a PC
  • SMS or email is sent automatically, if alarm limits are exceeded
  • Logged data is saved on the ScanClime itself and in the Cloud
  • Connects to the Cloud  using highly secured IOT and VPN protocols
  • Option for ScanClime (to be ordered separately)